Live Review: Sarah Reeves @ The Camden Club

The interiors of the Camden Club start to fill up, and the first act of the evening, Sarah Reeves, makes her way to the stage behind a keyboard in a purple power suit matched with chunky white sneakers, already getting 10/10 for presentation.

Only a few days after Reeves’ new album ‘Best Days’ was released, the room anticipates debut acoustic performances from the pop diva. With over ten years on the music scene, the songstress put together a record entirely written and produced by herself, uncovering the most personal themes yet.

Kicking it off with one of the album’s singles ‘Billboards On Sunset,” Sarah Reeves has the audience in a chokehold with visual lyricism and impressive vocal ranges. Before moving on to the second single, ‘Jealousy,’ she opens up about her envy of her younger self, more confident in herself and in her talent, happier, and less anxious. While the attendees nod along, being able to relate, you feel how brilliantly she can easily connect with her fans with authentic songwriting.

Sarah Reeves - Billboards On Sunset (Official Music Video)

With the two last songs, Reeves gets to own the stage with the lead single ‘Get Back Your Fight,’ you feel the fire she lit up with the theme of an inner-warrior unleashed. For the final track, ‘Best Days,’ her hopeful, manifesting nature is transcendent and inspires the whole crowd to sing along as she steps out from behind the keyboard and absolutely nails her set, leaving everyone wanting more.

It was intimate yet empowering and grandiose. Sarah Reeves and her ‘Best Days’ album should be on your radar if they’re not already. Listen and listen carefully; it may change your perspective and help you become who you aspire to be.

Listen to ‘Best Days’ out on all streaming platforms.

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