Greyson Chance Returns With New Rock Single, ‘My Dying Spirit’

When Greyson Chance first started out – just as a young teen – he was the name on everyone’s lips. A lot of years have passed under the bridge, and he’s come back stronger and better than ever before, with his new album, ‘Palladium’. Current single, ‘My Dying Spirit’, is certainly worth checking out, along with the music video that goes with it.

Greyson Chance started out on YouTube, producing incredibly polished covers of contemporary hits: it’s hard to think that it was possible to improve on them, but improve he has done, and ‘My Dying Spirit’ is a fine example of this. Raw, emotional, gritty and deeply personal, it’s a hugely powerful track that hits the listener directly in the feels.

Greyson has been through a lot, and ‘Palladium’ serves as a catharsis for his experiences. Speaking about ‘Palladium’ to Rolling Stone magazine, he said it’s about,

“protecting your instinct, your heart, your soul, and making sure that that’s your priority.”

It’s Chance’s notice that he’s putting his own stamp on his music, he’s nobody’s plaything, he’s his own man. ‘My Dying Spirit’ could easily have become a pop song, dropped and forgotten as quickly as it was released, but instead, in his hands it’s a rock anthem, and one that feels like it’s got the bones to stay in the cultural vernacular forever. With mid-tempo rock vibes, propelled by a rampaging rhythm guitar and slamming beats, it’s lifted up by Greyson’s heartfelt and powerful vocals, bringing forth a compelling urgency. Chance speaks frankly and freely about his disillusionment with the chase for fame, and instead he now longs for that human connection. He apologises to those he’s neglected, and, in one incredible line, he compares himself to a seedy hotel, where nobody would ever want to stay.

The music video for ‘My Dying Spirit’ has already received a lot of traction, and for good reason. Opening with Chance in a support group, pouring out his soul to those around him, we get the sense that they’re nowhere near prepared for what he’s about to lay on them. He takes us through his struggles, which are laid out for us visually, including one scene where he is seated on a bed, dressed in a hospital gown, covered in blood, with an oxygen tank next to him. It feels like this might be a dream – or a nightmare – as he’s in the wilderness, and an owl (symbolic of wisdom perhaps) perches on the bedhead. Other scenes see him throwing himself around a room, where newspaper is plastered to the walls, scrawled with apologies and other thoughts. He’s also seen in church, making his amends. The passion and the emotions he expresses are palpable, and by the end we hope he finds the peace he’s looking for.

Watch the video for ‘My Dying Spirit’ below and let us know what you think. Do you agree with us? You can also find out more about Greyson Chance and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and

Greyson Chance - My Dying Spirit (Official Music Video)

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