Taking her musical inspiration from the likes of Sade and Lenny Kravitz, and dance inspiration from legends in the field such as Janet Jackson and Jason Derulo, Taurie infuses them with her own experiences, which are what motivate her most of all, such as her Nigerian background, or her own internal struggles. But escape isn’t her only aim with her music; there’s also healing, which plays a large part too, and alongside each new release, Taurie improves in terms of her artistry and her wellness.

New single, ‘Hypnotize Me’, comes with a stunning music video, which gives us the chance to see inside her mind. We watch through the lens of a VR headset, as a Martian displays the constellations of her urges. Craving a certain person so much, her aim is to be entranced by their aura. Taurie and her alien peers wander through the fabric of time and cosmos, as they are dimly lit by the neon galactic glow and tangled in the stars.

‘Hypnotize Me’ is a bedroom track, but it’s as smooth as honey, while at the same time radiating a whole lot of kinetic energy. The dance routine and the lunar seductress performance is just as inviting as the lyrics, “I’m talking about a galaxy loving / In stars we touching / On my body.” As her spaceship travels deeper into the universe, the otherworldly goddess keeps a sole focus on what she truly wants, and she’ll travel to the deep pockets of space to get what she desires.

Watch the music video for ‘Hypnotize Me’ below, and check out Taurie and her music online on her official website.

Taurie - Hypnotize Me (Official Music Video) ft. Loon

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