Nick Hawk – ‘Choose Me’

Singer, rapper, and songwriter Nick Hawk knows first hand the pain and powerlessness of having a friend or family member hooked on self-destructive behaviour. In his case, the addict is his soulmate. With his latest single, ‘Choose Me’, he articulates what many others also wonder: why can’t his love be enough? Why must his partner always prioritize the very thing that’s killing her?

More than just another rap song, ‘Choose Me’ is a direct intervention, an open letter from one lover to another. It should come as no surprise that Nick Hawk’s performance has the intensity of life-or-death intensity about it; he’s trying, with absolute determination and with all the passion and skill he can muster, to get through to someone who is on the precipice of disaster.

It’s a brave and beautiful thing on Nick Hawk’s part. His courage is foregrounded in the song’s video, which he directed himself. He dramatically recreates scenes from his life, showing not just the conflict, but also the happy times, ensuring we understand the full worth of what he’s fighting for.

“I shot the scene where I bought her drugs, dumped them out, and spit on them a block from her house where it actually happened,” he says.

Additionally, Nick isn’t afraid to point at Las Vegas and the culture of glamour and superficial glitz that goes a long way to encouraging addictive behaviour. He makes it clear that he’s leaving all of that behind, and at the end of the clip, we see him turn his back on the artificial skyline, as he sits on a beach, alone, watching the waves.

Watch the video for ‘Choose Me’ below and find out more about Nick Hawk and his music online on his official website.

Nick Hawk - Choose Me [Official Music Video]

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