Malcolm Kay – ‘What You Think’

Los Angeles based rapper, Malcolm Kay, sucks his listeners into his world, and we go with him willingly. His new single, ‘What You Think’ grabs a hold of us and takes us out of our surroundings and transports us to the streets of downtown LA, hanging with his crew.

‘What You Think’, the latest single from Malcolm Kay’s new album, ‘All Black Masks’, serves as the perfect introduction to Kay. His effortless wordplay, bold as brass persona, confidence, and skill with a rapped hook all combine to show just why he’s become an incredibly intrinsic part of the So Cal hip hop scene. With his trap beat being both menacing and celebratory, and the verses loaded with relatable hip hop quotes, and a catchphrase likely chorus, Kay uses his voice as an instrument, and in such a unique way that it’s impossible to ever mistake him for anyone else.

‘All Black Masks’, in a way, serves not just as a set of tracks and videos, but in a way a documentary about the artist. We are given a small glimpse into his life, with tiny details shown with love and affection, offsetting the seductive, brash, and sometimes dangerous, life he leads.

Directed by MALKEEEZY, the video for ‘What You Think’ doesn’t hold back as we see Malcolm flashing his wealth, with all his gold, his hip and stylish condo, his Balenciaga hoodie, and his white Mercedes SUV. He is confidence personified, and with poise and charm he slams the beat with ferocity. We’re asked what we think, but Malcolm Kay doesn’t want our opinion, he already knows.

Watch the video for ‘What you Think’ below, and find out more about Malcolm Kay and his music online on his official website.

Malcolm Kay - What You Think (Official Music Video)

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