Casanova, DJ Staunch, Staunch Moderates – ‘Socrates Cafe’

Staunch Moderates was founded by Greg Simmons and Bo Persiko in Aspen, Colorado, in December 2019, aiming to create a new way of combatting the divide between intellect and politics. Since then the movement has kept growing, particularly through the 2020 election year. With campaigning that led to many social media events, which saw discussions and polls held on the most pressing issues facing the USA, Staunch Moderates have, through their work, created a safe place where people are able to have rational conversations, no matter what their political leanings. In addition to this, Staunch Moderates are a musical group, and their latest single, ‘Socrates Café’, is out now, along with a music video.

Staunch Moderates started on a new project in December 2020, one year after their founding, to help share the story of this movement and those people behind it. They released an album, ‘The First Realm’, led by rapper Casanova Ace and DJ Staunch. The multi-genre masterpiece has something for everyone, and new single ‘Socrates Café’ sees Cassanova Ace and DJ Staunch joined by Simmons and Persiko. The new song has an ’80s / ’90s hip-hop vibe, but the harmonies more closely resemble the Beach Boys. Telling the story of Staunch Moderates and how they came to be, ‘Socrates Café’ is the perfect song to kick off their new exciting era.

The accompanying video starts with DJ Staunch, the 7-foot-tall mascot, getting a little brush down before walking down the streets. Throughout the video, we see clips of them campaigning in the street while beautiful girls dance along with them. We also get a glimpse inside the studio, where we meet up with Casanova Ace as he lays down his verses. Fun and a little bit kitsch, the video lays down the groundwork for what these guys get up to next.

Watch the video for ‘Socrates Café’ below, and follow Staunch Moderates online on Instagram.

69. Socrates Café (Official Music Video) - Casanova Ace & DJ Staunch

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