Bruce Lii – ‘The Promise Land’

Pittsburgh native Bruce Lii had unusual goals compared to his peers when he graduated from high school. Rather than heading off to university, or into the work force, Bruce set about releasing his own music – and professionally produced, top level music at that. Just like his namesake, he ensured a very fine focus on every detail of everything he did. He’s still a relatively new artist, but with his originality, along with unique sounds garnered from samples of 80s hip-hop/R&B mixed with an alternative feel, it seems as though Bruce’s ear for producing is going to serve him well.

‘The Promise Land’, came to Bruce after a long day’s work. Outside of his music, Bruce spends his days driving all over the US in an 18-wheeler truck. One one such day, he saw a sunset, which proved inspirational. An upbeat hip-hop track, Bruce started the writing process started with finding a beat, and from there the rest of the song just flowed together. What he describes as the “promise land” is essentially whatever you want it to be; what you’re aiming for. Inspired by the likes of Kanye and Travis Scott, Bruce hopes to achieve that same level of creativity.

The music video for ‘The Promise Land’ takes place in the desert just outside Las Vegas, and if you’ve ever been there you’ll know exactly where it was filmed. Making a glamorous start with Bruce and his love interest, the pair stand under a shimmering marquee, before lounging around the pool. Soon they take off into the desert, driving through canyons in a green Lamborghini. The desert soon becomes Bruce’s stage, as he faces the camera, backed up by the towering, colourful display of the 7 Magic Mountains, an incredible rock sculpture in the Valley Of Fire. Come for the rap, stay for the scenery – either way you’re gonna love this song.

Watch the video below, and check out Bruce Lii online on Instagram.

Bruce Lii - The Promise Land (Official Music Video)

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