Bruce Lii Is Letting Us Know It’s ‘Toxic’ With New Song And Video

Directed by Jordan Beckham, the video for Bruce Lii’s new single, ‘Toxic’, perfectly captures the coldness of a toxic relationship in visual form, as the artist is shot performing on the snowy streets of Pittsburgh.

Bruce Lii – ‘Outta Town’

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas you’ll instantly recognise what town Bruce Lii is visiting when he’s getting ‘Outta Town’ in his new single of the same name. But when you’re from everywhere, like Bruce is – how do you really get outta town?

Bruce Lii – ‘The Promise Land’

The Promise Land’, came to rapper Bruce Lii after a long day’s work. Outside of his music, Bruce spends his days driving all over the US in an 18-wheeler truck.