Piera Stuns With ‘Love Is Meant For You’

It may not be officially Pride month anymore, but that doesn’t mean queer love isn’t still the name of the game. One person to prove that time and again is singer-songwriter and LGBTQ+ activist Piera Van de Wiel.

Her latest single, ‘Love Is Meant For You’ is sweet, romantic, and full of quiet determination and subtle activism. She’s not fighting for LGBTQ+ rights here (taking a break from the day job, we see), but instead she is celebrating the joyousness of queer love. In many ways, this is still activism, and her pride and determination shine through in the song in a beautiful way.

Acoustic instrumentation underpin Piera’s classic and smooth vocal, overall bringing a light-hearted and summery feeling to the song via its production. This is definitely a tune for the hopeless romantics out there, one which encourages the listener to admit their feelings for that special someone, and continue to believe in love, no matter how difficult that can sometimes seem.

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