Joyann Parker – ‘Out Of The Dark’

Joyann Parker, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a great blues musician who has always known she was made for the genre. Starting her career in church, she soon expanded and developed, and now combines soul, R&B, gospel, jazz, and traditional blues in her versatile sound. New single, ‘Out Of The Dark’,  is the closing and title track on her latest album, and is a fitting wrap up of the message of the previous 10 tracks.

A redemptive ballad written about escaping an unhealthy situation and finding peace, ‘Out Of The Dark’ serves as a personal narrative, about which Parker proclaims,

“It’s about the way I’ve been feeling and changing over the past year, figuring out who I am. I was coming out of my own darkness.”

The music video for ‘Out Of The Dark’ is as profound, congenial, and pure as the song itself. It is all about Joyann, her piano, and her story. A classically trained pianist, Parker makes good use of the opportunity to showcase her prodigious talent, and she is seen performing on a dimly lit stage, with the illumination of the lights casting a spotlight on the intensity of her emotions. Additionally, her incredible vocal range, as well as her cadence, release her from the clear burden she’s been carrying, having her hit both highs and lows, mentally and vocally. By the end of the song, we see the stage lit up entirely, and Joaynn is metaphorically released from the darkness.

Watch the video below, and follow up about Joyann, her music, and her story, on her official website.

Joyann Parker - "Out of the Dark" (Official Music Video)

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