Indigo De Souza’s New Single ‘Kill Me’ Will Have You Craving More

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, indie pop singer songwriter Indigo De Souza first tilted at the music fame prize with her 2018 debut, ‘I Love My Mom’. Sadly it wasn’t a hit, but it didn’t stop Indigo, who returns with her new track, ‘Kill Me’.

It also didn’t stop her fans, those who couldn’t get enough of her first single, and who hang off her every word. ‘Kill Me’ comes from De Souza’s upcoming album, ‘Any Shape You Take’, which is set for release on August 27, with its promise of promise more anthems, gorgeous pop and rock sounds, more instantly ingratiating vocal performances, and, most of all, more searing candour from the artist.

‘Kill Me’ is the last track on the album, and it leaves no doubt about the singer’s feelings of devastation. It’s a note to a lover that doubles as a note to self: an expression of self-erasure, desperation, a will to disappear. She’s matched these uncompromising lines to a melody that twists and drifts like a perfect curl of smoke, and band accompaniment that grows stormier and more intense as the storytelling darkens. Call it a catharsis, or a letter from the void, or a kind of haunting; once you hear it, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

The clip, shot by Jordan Alexander, is strange, dangerous, and occasionally brutalising, but nonetheless perfect for the song. His camera finds Indigo De Souza in a room that’s already been messed up: there are broken eggs and cups and magazines and crumpled blankets everywhere, while Indigo sits in the middle of it all, looking placid, alluring, and maybe a bit mischievous, too. It calls to mind an image from the song that implies a mind lost to depression; De Souza tells her lover not to mind the dirty dishes piled up everywhere. Then the singer brings us to a dimly-lit wrestling ring where, to the delight of an action-hungry crowd, the fighters are battling with birthday cakes. By the end of the clip, it’s De Souza herself against a triple stacker, embracing her sexuality in a leather harness, squashing the cake under the strobe light until the screen goes black.

Check out ‘Kill Me’ below, and catch up with Indigo De Souza and her music online on her official website.

Indigo De Souza - Kill Me [Official Music Video]

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