An Invitation To See Guilia ‘Trippin’ Out’ Behind The Scenes

There’s something about Guilia which makes you want to follow along – the promise of adventure, a party, anything but a boring time. This time, it’s an invitation to see her ‘Trippin’ Out’ – behind the scenes.

The audio release for Guilia’s entrancing new single caused an uproar. Her sultry tones matched the lyrics “with my eyes on you… And your eyes on me” perfectly, and when the chorus drops and her vocals reach effortlessly for the high notes, the track takes us further into the sublime tones of pop perfection.

The set of this video is not the usual club or party but instead, outer space itself. Guilia performs in front of a green screen during the shoot, of course, but with all the conviction of a professional actor. She enacts a spaceship pursuit, the final edit of which will see her confidently steering her ship through the stars, exploring the deepest depths of space.

Piloting a spaceship is only one of Guilia’s many talents, however. The next get up sees her and dancer Ruby Lonsdale covered in UV paint and standing under special lighting to create breathtaking visuals which only look better in the finished product of the music video.

This shoot marks the first of three, yes, three, music video shoots to be completed within two days. It’s a scheduling nightmare but one which Guilia and her team tackle with ease and professionalism.

The final product is one which was worth all the stress of the demanding shooting schedule and all the pain of being suspended on wires during one of the set pieces! The video for ‘Trippin’ Out’ is one which perfectly complements the bizarre, spacelike feel of the track itself.

Guilia invites us to accompany her on her voyage across space, and who are we to deny this invitation?

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