Avé – ‘Good Life’ 

New Orleans R&B singer, Avé, opens up on some significant moments in her life in her new single, ‘Good Life’. The inspirational artist grew up in a big, musically inclined family, but her first love was writing, and and she continues to write stories and poetry.

The Big Easy is her inspiration, living in the city, and also being exposed to violence. Despite facing hardships, she nonetheless has managed to stay positive in both her life, and her music, giving inspiration to others.

With a powerful message, the upbeat ‘Good Life’ is produced using a slick combination of modern beats, mixed in with early 2000s sound effects, the end result being a perfectly addictive rhythm throughout the entire track. Avé’s gorgeous vocals however are the real focal point, as she pitches every note without fail, proclaiming the lyrics as the ultimate testimony to God.

The song tells the story of a young woman who comes to realise there’s more to life than what she’s so far experienced, and if she allows God to lead her by putting her trust in him, she’ll reach her destiny, the good life.

Just as beautiful as the song, the video for ‘Good Life’ feels like a short film, albeit a very intense one. Opening with a young girl walking in the rain on her way to a night in the city, we see Avé standing in the rain with her umbrella, as she tells this story. The female protagonist meets a group of friends and everyone is drinking, shot glasses are swung back, and soon enough, she finds herself all alone. Stumbling out the bar with her keys, she drops them, and suddenly the whole video comes to a stop as a car comes into frame. Thankfully she’s okay, and she eventually finds her safe haven in the walls of a church. It’s the perfect video for this uplifting story.

Watch the video for ‘Good Life’ below and be sure to check out Avé’s official website.

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