Mack Ben Widdit- ‘IIWII (It Is What It Is)’

Mack Ben Widdit is from Virginia, which is right in the middle of everything music-wise in the USA. So many great hip-hop artists have come from there, who share a vision and interpret traditional sounds in imaginative ways. Mack Ben Widdit is the latest star from Don’t Fold Entertainment, a Richmond imprint which specializes in imaginative hip-hop, and ‘IIWII (It Is What It Is)’ is the new single from this exciting new artist.

Mack Ben Widdit may still be very young, but already he’s developed his own distinctive style. He half-sings, half-raps, occasionally with pop overtones, and deep blues roots – yet always unmistakably hip-hop. With direct and stinging rhymes, and a delivery that’s relaxed yet subtly precise, Mack Ben Widdit certainly has attitude to burn. He puts everything on show with ‘IIWII (It Is What It Is)’,  a meditative track which is instantly engaging, and certainly a contender for the best and most immediately appealing indie hip-hop single of the year.

There’s a rattling snare and thumping kick to the track, calling to mind the most artful trap music, while over the top of that, Mack Ben Widdit has looped an acoustic guitar, playing a slow, contemplative arpeggio, teasing the listener deeper into the song. Mack Ben Widdit’s is an expert storyteller, and he takes the twists and turns with ease, keeping it smooth. Although just over minutes long, it’s enough to pull us in and keep us there.

‘IIWII (It Is What It Is)’ follows on from Mack Ben Widdit’s regional hits, ‘Popping Shit’, and ‘The Big Way’, which established him as an important young voice in Richmond and a pivotal part of the Don’t Fold roster. The video for ‘The Big Way’ showed that he’s a commanding screen presence, as well, and the clip for ‘IIWII’ further increases the intrigue and extends on the themes of his earlier videos. With footage capturing Mack Ben Widdit in the club, in the car, and on the front step of his apartment, he looks confident, and self-assured – just as he sounds.

Watch the music video for ‘IIWII (It Is What It Is’ below, and check out Mack Ben Widdit online on Instagram.

Mack Ben Widdit | "IiwiI (It Is What It Is) | Music Video

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