Shonte Renee – ‘Pretty Girlz’

Atlanta native Shonte Renee radiates infectious girl power and with her powerful voice she’s been going against the grain ever since she first arrived in the music industry. Drawing influences from other powerful women, this unstoppable woman’s sound has been heavily influenced by her own grandmother’s voice, along with the fierceness of Tori Braxton and Janet Jackson. Shonte Renee’s latest single, is just one more example of how fearless she actually is.

The upbeat pop sound of ‘Pretty Girlz’ will give you a major boost to your confidence as it tells about knowing your worth and knowing what you deserve. The song’s storyline follows Shonte as she’s out with her girls, with the lyrics acting as instructions for the boys in the club, such as putting in more effort to get Shonte’s attention and making sure she’s a priority. Meanwhile, Shonte and her girls stay on the dance floor, having the time of their lives.

Meanwhile, the video for the song sees Shonte us to a roller skating rink, where we meet up with her girls as they lace up their skates. The rink is filled with flashing multi-coloured lights, and the girls’ outfits match them perfectly. A guy tries to get the girls’ attention with his moves throughout the video, and eventually, the skates come off, and the night turns into a full-blown dance party, which moves outside as the group of girls starts to grow. It’s an energetic visual that perfectly matches up with the upbeat track, and we just can’t get enough! Watch the video below and catch up with Shonte Renee on Instagram.

Shonte Renee - Pretty Girlz [Official Music Video]

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