Feriano JX – ‘Night Fall’

Los Angeles plays host to an incredible array of musical artists, and the latest one we’d like to introduce to you is Feriano JX, the stage name of Jacob, who came to the USA from Cameroon, Africa, 11 years ago. After attending high school and college, in Maryland, he went to Montgomery College to study business, before moving to California, where he currently works in Cyber Security. His real passion of course, is music, and Feriano JX takes inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Nas, and Jay-Z among others. His good friend Jeremiah Bland pushed him relentlessly, and we thank him, because now we get to hear his first ever single ‘Night Fall’ – and there’s plenty more where that came from.

A fast-paced song which is short and sweet but comes straight to the point, The lyrics of ‘Night Fall’ hold something much deeper, as they reflect on a difficult time in Jacob’s life, when when his college girlfriend committed suicide, following a long battle with depression. The song deals with Jacob wanting that relationship back and his regrets. In spite of everything, Jacob still remains positive, hence the upbeat nature of the track. Additionally, his intention is for his songs to have a plethora of interpretations, so the apparent conflict between lyrics and instrumental track is intentional.

Just like the song, the video for ‘Night Fall’ is short and sweet. Feriano JX is shown sitting on his bed, scrolling through his phone. The muted colours change to bright shades of purple and blue as Feriano JX starts laying down his tracks. We return to the muted room, this time Feriano JX is in bed with a beautiful woman. The video ends with the two of them falling asleep facing each other, but she’s gone when he wakes. Like the song itself, the video can be interpreted in many different ways.

Find out more about Feriano JX and his music online on Twitter. Check out the video for ‘Night Fall’ below.

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