Irish Singer Holly Munro Releases Debut Single ‘Give Yourself Love’

Last week, on July 28th, Irish singer-songwriter Holly Munro released her debut single, the pop anthem titled ‘Give Yourself Love’, on all major streaming platforms. Sister to chart-topping Irish star duo Hudson Taylor, she toured with the two as a backup vocalist for some time, while also opening for the duo some nights, then took some time to work on her own music – with the fruits of that work showing itself in Munro’s latest single.

Based in Ireland’s epicentre, the capital Dublin, Munro has been inspired to create her own music for quite some time at this point. Taking inspiration from songstresses such as Bjork and FKA Twigs, Munro carved out her identity through her music, showing her unique folk-pop mix to crowds all over the world while on tour with her two brothers. Munro has the unique distinction of already having a great reputation before even releasing her first single, owing due to her work with Hudson Taylor – a reputation she seeks to expand with her latest single, ‘Give Yourself Love’, and forthcoming works.

For those who haven’t seen her live, Munro’s latest single will bring a whole new listening experience to the table – the kind of folk pop you’ve never heard before, with an electric twist put on it. Even if you have seen what she’s capable of, this will be some of the best listening you’ve had in a while, owing to not only Munro’s brilliant vocal performance, but producer Luke Potashnick’s work behind the scenes on the song, upping the tempo and creating a brilliant piece for your ears. You can listen to the song and watch its accompanying video – also an awesome work of cinematography – down below.

Watch the video for ‘Give Yourself Love’ below, and stream and download the track here.

Holly Munro - Give Yourself Love (Official Video)

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