‘It’s Ok Not to Be Ok’ Is The Name Of The Latest Single From Synthpop Duo, The Rude Awakening

Out on March 10, ‘It’s Ok Not to be Ok’ is the new single from The Rude Awakening. The track is a timely release from the UK synth duo, as they examine the psychological fragility of people in the world today. A deeply personal song, Johnny Normal and Bridget Gray are inspired by the music of synth and post-punk pioneers, including Gary Numan, PiL, Soft Cell and OMD.

‘It’s Ok Not to Be Ok’ follows on from their single, ‘Squeal!’, both of which come from their forthcoming album, ‘The Radio Mix’, which itself is the first of a two stage release. This will be followed by an EP of six remixes, each made by independent electronic producers, including People Theatre, Mr Strange, Tin Gun, Parralox, Lord & Master, and Keldari Station.

Speaking of the single, Johnny Normal said,

“when many of us feel we have hit rock bottom or are struggling to deal with life around us, we can sometimes add to our own pain and mental pressure by deliberately hiding the fact we are not coping from people we love. But it’s actually OK to admit that we are not OK. Take a deep breath and say I’m not coping very well at the moment and ask for help.”

Johnny and Bridget’s vocals are set against an industrial, yet very fun sounding instrumental track, and their voices coalesce as one at times, while at others being very distinct. In addition to their mentioned inspirations, their sound is reminiscent of other 70s/80s artists, including Thompson Twins, Culture Club, and Pet Shop Boys.

The duo use the project as a vehicle with which to explore otherwise taboo or hushed subjects, as well as different emotions, relationships, fantasies and fears. All the while they challenge common perceptions and convention, with each subject cloaked in an infectious synth tune.

Pre-save ‘It’s Ok Not to Be Ok’. You can find out more about The Rude Awakening and their music online by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

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