Blanks’ ‘Favorite Nightmare’ Is Here!

YouTuber turned pop artist Blanks has dropped the new music video for the track ‘Favorite Nightmare’ and just like his previous releases he has put his own stamp on it!

Taken from his ‘cheap sodas and ice cream kisses’, ‘Favourite Nightmare’ is an Eighties influenced number layered with an electronic drumbeat, funky bass and lush synths 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ mise-en-scene including the book titled “What Are You Doing With Your Life?” resting next to the alarm clock on the bedside table and the cleverly chosen times on the phone screen including 4:20pm. The direction from Johan Verhoeven combined with Scott Dancy’s editing allows the viewer to follow Blanks on every part of his adventure from cruising a in 1973 red Mercedes-Benz 450 SL to waking up abruptly to check the condition of his white Fender electric guitar. 

The chorus is written in such a way that it is the perfect singalong especially in a live gig setting and with the dance routine being uncomplicated and fun it is the full pop package complete with Blanks’ clear melodic voice. 

Overall, Blanks is a creative individual who has a strong understanding of both music and film which has allowed him to follow his concept for ‘Favourite Nightmare’ with a quality cast and crew helping bring it to life. The perfect anthem to conclude the summer of 2020. 

‘Favourite Nightmare’ is out now and taken from Blanks’ debut EP ‘‘cheap sodas and ice cream kisses’. In addition, Blanks will perform a headline show on Tuesday 11th May 2021 at Colours Hoxton, London, United Kingdom. Tickets are priced at £16.50 each and are available now here.

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