Sonarpilot Taps Into Greek Mythology With New Electronic Ambient Single, ‘Kronos’

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Kronos was the youngest of the first generations of the Titans, who overthrew his father Uranus, and in turn was overthrown by his own son, Zeus. In the hands of Sonarpilot, the alter ego of producer and digital designer Michael Moppert, ‘Kronos’ becomes a genre-bending electronic soundscape, accompanied by an imaginative visual voyage, created by fractal artist Roger Mader.

Part of ‘The Mirage Project’, ‘Mirage VI: Kronos’ takes us into a world of audio-visual meditation, where we contemplate issues such as Artificial Intelligence, cosmology, the multiverse, alien life, and so on. We are taken on a journey through what appears to be a cosmic clock – fitting for a track about an ancient for whom time was named.

The techno-dub soundtrack for ‘Kronos’ was created exclusively for Sonarpilot Audio by Brendan Moeller, a New York-based sonic artist. With long, sinuous melodic motifs, the composition embarks on a kaleidoscopic transformation, as the musical elements scatter and converge, like seconds ticking away through the day.

The music video for ‘Kronos’ opens on a set of gears, turning in sync with each other, like the inside of a clock. Soon, another set of gears appears, with different colours to the first, and they all grow, bend, and melt, in psychedelic weirdness. Fractal versions of themselves.

Speaking about the video, Sonarpilot says,

“This enigmatic device creates time, sculpting and flexing its very nature, molding its velocity, orchestrating its myriad of layers. Although the journey takes us close to its source, the tantalizing grip on time’s essence remains ephemeral, slipping through our fingers as we endeavor to capture its essence.”

Check out the music video for ‘Kronos’ below, and find out more about Sonarpilot and their music online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

"Kronos" by Sonarpilot [Fractal video with music]

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