Ty Breezzyy – ‘TRUE’

Up and coming Bronx hip hop artist, Ty Breezzyy, takes inspiration from his personal experiences in his music, and turns the negatives into a positive life lesson, at the same time protecting his own heart and soul. New single, ‘TRUE’ sees the artist, who recently graduated from Dominican College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, comes from his upcoming EP, ‘Evolve’, and paints in a different light the perfect picture of the ups and downs of a toxic relationship.

The upbeat hip hop track has an intriguing lyrical twist. He opens up about how his relationship and music career happened around the same time, and he was tempted to put her first. But he remembers the reasons why he left; she didn’t listen to him, and he was scared of letting her go, while knowing that he desperately needed to. The message behind the music is that you must protect your heart, and do what you think is best for you – and also to own up to your mistakes.

Filmed during quarantine, the video for ‘TRUE’ is a real family affair, with Ty’s father directing. It opens as we see Ty leading a girl to a recording session in a studio. Soft pink light fills the booth, as he starts to sing. She thinks it’s a sweet recording for her, but in fact it’s the total opposite. He tells the girl exactly how he feels about the relationship, and the emotions ramp up. The girl pays only a half-hearted attention to what he’s singing, preferring to scroll through her phone.

Throughout the video, clips of Ty are shown, with him standing in front of a white wall, colours and patterns fading in and out. The girl eventually gets the message and leaves, with Ty Breezzyy remaining in his own little world until the end, dancing to the music, before eventually, and confidently, walking off.

Watch the music video for ‘TRUE’ below, and find out more about Ty Breezzyy and his music online on Twitter.

Ty Breezzyy - TRUE (Official Video)

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