Saint Diablo – ‘Devil Horns and Halos’


Saint Diablo are ready to release their second studio album on November 13th 2015, ‘Devil Horns and Halos’, ten fierce riff-ripping, drum-smashing metal tracks produced by Tim “Rumblefish” Gilles (Anthrax, The Misfits, Ill Nino, Taking Back Sunday, Vision Of Disorder).

Three years after releasing their debut self-titled album the band has finished their long awaited sophomore record, and with the help of producer Tim Gilles at Big Blue Meenie Studios in Jersey City, have captured the bands outstanding ability to write and perform hard pounding in-your-face metal tunes.

‘Devil Horns and Halos’, by Saint Diablo, will be available digitally and on compact disc and will be released through their label, Eclipse Records. The album includes songs such as ‘Devil Horns and Halos’ with blistering double bass drums, unique rhythmic changes, and a smooth blend of scream and melodic vocals.  The song ‘Devil Horns and Halos’ is high in energy but still has the ability to create mood changes through the different drum grooves, guitar pedal changes, and varying vocal styles.



Another song included on the new album called ‘Ancient Astronauts’ has strong lyrics with a driving metal-style double bass rhythm that takes on many sporadic stops, changes, and transitions but always somehow leads back to the main chorus which has a great memorable lyrical hook. Every song on Devil Horns and Halos has a very deep, emotional, and sentimental meaning as Saint Diablo was going through some serious personal conflicts during the making of this album which you can learn more about in a video interview available through this link.

For music and info about Saint Diablo and to get your copy of Devil Horns and Halos out November 13th 2015 visit the Eclipse Records website, their iTunes, Facebookwebsite, and Twitter.

Saint Diablo - Devil Horns and Halos (OFFICIAL music video)


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