Saint Diablo – Dark Horse

12047138_10153557916859277_1986834711671688112_nSaint Diablo offers a free download of their newest unreleased song, ‘Dark Horse’, which was produced by Tim Gilles (Anthrax, Ill Nino, The Misfits) and taken from their forthcoming album Devil Horns and Halos. The song ‘Dark Horse’ is available for free download here and the second studio album by Saint Diablo will be available November 13th 2015 on Eclipse Records.

With the free single comes a great video interview you can view at the bottom of this article featuring Saint Diablo talking more extensively about working with producer Tim Gilles and the challenges of getting the album done during such personal chaos; and with some finer points, like drinking a lot of Old Milwaukee beer.  Guitarist Justin Adams states

We were on cloud nine, working with a well-known producer in a world-class recording studio. Tim’s approach to capturing our sound was so inspirational, and then life threw us some pretty significant detours… I got divorced, and shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with cancer.” Vocalist Tito Quinones elaborates, “He was faced with some difficult decisions, and the lyrics for ‘Survive This’ were written about him. I was impressed with how he balanced the pain, faced his mortality, and was still able to write and perform some of the most powerful music that’s ever come out of him.”

12046568_10153571625719277_4462904241442263956_nSaint Diablo will also be playing a live show coming up at The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia on October 4th. For more live dates, info, and music from Saint Diablo check out the bands iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, and Eclipse Records website.
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