Vicetone – ‘Is This Love’ Bob Marley remix

Vicetone’s remix of the classic Bob Marley song, ‘Is This Love’, is a smooth blend of the vintage Marley record sound and the newer club oriented ambient sound more relevant to the electronic dance club scene of today.

Saint Diablo – Dark Horse

Saint Diablo offers a free download of their newest unreleased song, ‘Dark Horse’, which was produced by Tim Gilles (Anthrax, Ill Nino, The Misfits)

Making Music With ArtPeace

ArtPeace was written in the stars. Taura Stinson and Chrissy Depauw are making beautiful music together – and it’s all because of a serape headboard.

My Cruel Goro

New three piece Brit rock/punk style band, based out of somewhere between Italy and Iceland, My Cruel Goro, make their debut self-titled EP available…

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