Vicetone – ‘Is This Love’ Bob Marley remix

12654461_1065139236849778_3516929504948161622_nVicetone’s remix of the classic Bob Marley song, ‘Is This Love’, is a smooth blend of the vintage Marley record sound and the newer club oriented ambient sound more relevant to the electronic dance club scene of today. The remix of Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ is downloadable for free here and available to stream on their SoundCloud as a thanks to all the support from their fans. If you haven’t heard the duo out of Groningen, in The Netherlands called Vicetone, this a great chance to get a taste of their remarkable style.

Comprised of longtime childhood friends, Ruben and Victor, Vicetone have only been together for three years but have managed to be quite successful thus far. Some accomplishments include being awarded the DJ Mag Top 100 poll three years in a row, performing on multiple tours all over the world at internationally renowned clubs including Ushuaia Ibiza, Ministry of Sound London and Pacha NYC as well as festivals such as TomorrowWorld, Ultra Music Festival and Electric Zoo, and released multiple Beatport Top 10 charting singles.  Since the formation of Vicetone they have released some outstanding singles, including ‘United We Dance’, ‘Follow Me’, ‘Nothing Stopping Me’, ‘I’m On Fire’, and their latest Beatport Progressive House #1 single, ‘Pitch Black’ via Spinnin’ Records.


Here is what Vicetone had to say about the Bob Marley ‘Is This Love’ remix available now for free download:

“Remixing Bob Marley was one of the most exciting and challenging projects thus far for us. Our goal was to have this legendary track appeal to today’s dance music community, while keeping the feel and emotion of the original song alive. It’s a track that works well at a big festival, in a club, or just for casual listening purposes and that’s why we are very happy with it! We have felt so much support from our fans lately that we wanted to give something back with this free release.” 

For more music and info about Vicetone and their remix of Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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