Snuttock – ‘Stay’ (Robot remix) 

Singer Bryan Lee, and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Lee Simmonds, of dark electronic pop group Snuttock, know a bit about how to make manipulation, they’ve been making remixes of their singles for years. The music video for the Robot Remix of their latest single, ‘Stay’, play with our perceptions, and reduces the images to their very pixels.

The original song was somewhat of a departure for the duo, with its heartfelt synth pop reminding us of the best of the 80s Britpop, with Lee’s voice resonating warmly, harmonising along with the support of Simmonds’ instrumentals. Accustomed to pushing the envelope on all their songs, taking them as far as they can, they’ve not left ‘Stay’ alone, and they’ve added robotic, video game sounds to what was otherwise a rather pleasant pop track. It’s not taken anything away from the song however, with the inviting hooks still there, and Lee’s vocals still compelling.

The music video for ‘Stay’, directed by Ernie Mosteller, sees actress and model Alisa Baksheeva portraying a quite possibly robotic woman, floating through the clip in a skin-tight turtleneck dress. Posing in front of a chainlink fence, in front of a giant chemical storage tank, it’s as if we’ve been transported to an alternative universe, with all around us android like. The frames are often reduced to pixels, thus amplifying the artificial, and robotic, nature of the song. Lee himself is pixelated, pictured singing, in black and white.

Let us know what you think of the video for ‘Stay’ in the comments. You can find out more about Snuttock and their music online from their official website.

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