Snuttock – ‘Stay’

A band with an odd sounding name will stick hard and fast in your memory. If their music is incredible as well, then that stickiness will be even more so. Snuttock are one of those sorts of bands. They’ve been around for two decades, and during that time they’ve endlessly experimented, and been inventive with their style. They’ve explored dark industrial sounds, wigged-out experiments, synth meltdowns, and the bleakest of mechanical imaginings, that nearly take you over the edge into madness. Their latest single, ‘Stay’, which is the first and title track from their upcoming album, is one part super-lavish Depeche Mode, and one part OMDs passion. The other parts are all the property of Snuttock alone.

Delerium & JES – ‘Stay’

Delerium started in the late 1980s as a side project for Bill Leeb and Michael Balch, who were both at that time part of the electro-industrial group, Front Line Assembly. Balch left the group in 1989, after the release of their first album, ‘Faces, Form & Illusions’. The band was joined by Rhys Fulber soon after. Delerium have blended everything from dark trance, to electro-pop, and since the release of their album, ‘Semantic Spaces’, in 1994, they’ve teamed up with guest vocalists, releasing classics such as ‘Silence’, which featured Sarah McLachlan. More recently, their track ‘Stay’, appeared on their album ‘Mythologie’, which was released on Philadelphia label, Metropolis Records, in 2016.