CHACE – ‘Wrecklyss’

CHACE has entered the music industry and shaken it upside down. His new single, ‘Wrecklyss’, sees him pour his heart and soul into his music, with a rarely seen rawness.

An emotional ballad, ‘Wrecklyss’ will resonate with many, as CHACE sings about an up and down relationship that ends with broken hearts. The artist, originally from Massachusetts, uses as his inspiration a personal experience with a longtime, on-again, off-again girlfriend, while also taking some from previous relationships. He sings openly about the betrayal he experienced, and the feeling of knowing the relationship wasn’t good for him, and that he should let go, but at the same time, being unable to fully release himself.

In a lot of ways, this song sounds like therapy, and this is something CHACE himself freely admits, writing songs has always given him a release. Written in 30 minutes on his phone, ‘Wrecklyss’ can also serve as an inspiration for anyone else who has gone through a similar experience.

The music video for ‘Wreklyss’, seen below, is a visually stunning cinematic piece, thanks to director Christian Jaramillo, who uses beautifully crisp shots. At the start we see CHACE waking up in his car, not knowing where he is. He gets out, we see he’s barefoot, and there’s a smudged bloodstain on his shirt, over his heart. Meanwhile, he stares longingly at a ripped polaroid. Flashbacks come fast, with CHACE lounging around with a beautiful lady, then a black and white scene of the pair of them wearing blindfolds. The girl starts to scream at the top of her lungs – but we don’t hear her. There’s a mystery about what happens next, as we return to CHACE staring at the torn photo, and nobody else is to be seen.

 Check out the video and let us know what you think. CHACE can be found online on his official website.

Chace - Wrecklyss

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