Sankarshan Das – ‘The World Peace Formula’

Sankarshan Das has been asking for world peace for the better part of 50 years, since having the revelation back in 1971 that he should give his entire life over to teaching Krishna consciousness. He’s shared this on every continent in the world – apart from Antarctica – sharing the stage with Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead. Based in Austin, Texas, he’s led tens of thousands of students from all over the world with his popular online training programme, “The Ultimate Self Realization Course”.

Now, he’s released ‘The World Peace Formula’, and hopes with its powerful message of hope and healing, to, if widely understood and accepted, completely transform Planet Earth into a paradise.

‘The World Peace Formula’ is a classic folk song, a la Bob Dylan, or Woody Guthrie. Not simply pointing fingers at the problems, Sankarshan Das offers a way out of the mess we’re all in, with a solution that is on the one hand quite mind-boggling, but yet on the other, as simple as a grain of sand. Simply put, all things belong to a Supreme Proprietor; we live in this Supreme Proprietor’s world. There is therefore nothing we can possess to fight over, so why fight? Sankarshan Das and his guitar, along with a small choir of voices, are all that’s heard on ‘The World Peace Formula’, but like the concept they’re sharing, the song is as powerful as it is simple.

‘The World Peace Formula’ is the first single from Sankarshan Das’s album, ‘Our Sweet Lord’, released via Turn on the World Records. And just like the name of the label, Sankarshan Das’s main motivation as a musician is to turn the world onto a new way of looking at everything.

The video for ‘The World Peace Formula’ is just as simple as the song. Footage of deforestation, incarceration, and pollution makes its way across the screen, but the main focus is on Sankarshan Das. He is a man of great inner peace, but there is much power in his presence. He moves from the desert to a city street, then to the top of a mountain, where he’s surrounded by his fellow devotees. He encourages us all to share the message, with the deep knowledge that with each life it touches, brings us closer to world peace.

Watch the video for ‘The World Peace Formula’ below.

The World Peace Formula

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