Neff Nuffsed – ‘Stranger Things’ Featuring Mr L-BO and Mic B

Neff Nuffsed has a very cool name, and he’s also straight fire when it comes to making tracks that hype up the crowd or are your go-to when you need to rage. The North Virginia rapper has evolved immensely since his early 2000s beginnings, and has solidified his artistic vision into one which showcases him both heart and soul. His latest single and music video, ‘Stranger Things’, sees him backed up by his close friends Mr L-BO and Mic B, fellow Virginia locals who’ve been with him for most of his grind.

Neff Nuffsed and Mr L-BO have worked together in the past, on showcases, events, and other collabs, while Neff has been Mic B’s mentor for years. The trio have an onscreen synergy as well as their behind the scenes rapport, and it’s great to see in what is usually a very competitive genre.

The video sees Neff Nuffsed and his crew guarding the streets, and their presence is asserted by the way they command the music and the camera. The verses run alongside the thundering build up and break down of the trap beat, with horns, basslines, and of course, high energy vocals, ensuring this is a track essential for any party playlist. Neff’s aim is to make you think of the ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Purge’ series, and their ways of life, which is anarchic, and somewhat unconventional. The clip is also unorthodox, and Neff and his crew want people to change their outlook on today’s culture, and fix it by turning everything upside down, and see it with a new frame of mind.

What do you think? Has Neff Nuffsed achieved it? Let us know. You can find out more about Neff Nuffsed and his music online on his Instagram.

Neff Nuffsed- Stranger Things Featuring Mr L-BO and Mic B (Official Music Video)

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