The Fortune tellerz – ‘Everybody’s Calling’

There’s a certain magic in pop music – the way the musical artist can hold the audience in the palm of their hand, commanding attention and imbuing good vibes into all their listeners. But in the case of The Fortune tellerz, they’re dealing with magic, in the form of Nicky (aka Yasuto Nisitani), who, in addition to being an author, musician, producer, futurist, songwriter, and soothsayer, is also an accomplished palmist, who’s written a hundred books on the topic, selling more than 3 and a half million – and performed readings for the likes of Barbara Walters, Yoko Ono, and Margaret Thatcher, among many many more. He’s thought long and hard about the relationship between destiny and determination, and the idea that you can alter your life path by believing in yourself, thereby being free of all that has kept you bound. Latest single, ‘Everybody’s Calling’, testifies to this faith, which really – shouldn’t be that hard to believe in.

Nicky has brought on board the very talented Suzyvision in order to create ‘Everybody’s Calling’. She’s had a long and distinguished career in Japan, including as a member of the all-female progressive group, Blowin’ Free, which was one of the first girls rock bands in that country’s history. She’s since played with LEVEL, and arranged vocals for major performances at Nippon Budokan, and the New National Theatre. Working alongside Nicky, she’s come up with a song that’s altogether appealing and immensely catchy.

The music video for ‘Everybody’s Calling’, directed by Azumi Oe, pairs the song with a green screen clip which draws from computer games, travel documentaries, nature shows, and rock concerts. The entire planet, as seen from outer space, is captured in shot, but it’s intimate enough to also capture the faces of those listeners whose spirits have been lifted by listening to Nicky’s music. The song and the clip take us far far away from those places we’ve become accustomed to, and into a world filled with light and colour.

Watch the music video for ‘Everybody’s Calling’ below. You can find The Fortune tellerz online on their official website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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