Taking His Name From His Main Instrument, Smomid Announces Release Of New Album, ‘Cyber Solstice’ And New Single ‘Geophilia’

Set for release on July 29, ‘Cyber Solstice’ is the new long player from instrument creator, Smomid. The album will be out through Dems Dem’s Demos.

Nick Demopoulos, an LA based performer, musician, and instrument builder, takes his performance name from an acronym of his main instrument, String Modeling Midi Device, Smomid’s music is an acquired taste, but it only takes a few listens to get into it. To commemorate the announcement of the new album, Smomid has also dropped a new single, ‘Geophilia’.

We last covered Smomid back in 2019, with his single, ‘Ziggurat’, from his wittily titled, ‘Pyramid Scheme’, so we knew what to expect from ‘Geophilia’. Even so, while the bare bones of style remain the same, ‘Ziggurat’ had a middle eastern vibe, and ‘Geophilia’ owes more to prog rock, experimental sounds, and even Frank Zappa.

While the sound of ‘Geophilia’ is at times a little glitchy, and with somewhat randomly scattered beats, it nonetheless coalesces into a cohesive whole. It’s jarring and confronting, but at the same time, it’s somewhat meditative; close your eyes and lose yourself in the spacey distortions.

It takes talent to put all the layers of ‘Geophilia’ together. It’s so much more than strange interpolations and weird juxtapositions. Sit back and allow the sound to wash over you; close your eyes and float off into unknown galaxies; we don’t promote drug use, but if you’ve got it, try it and let us know what it’s like while listening to ‘Geophilia’.

Smomid - photo credit: Natalie Alaby
Smomid – photo credit: Natalie Alaby

Nick has performed with his Smomid at Lincoln Center, and been featured on the Discovery Science Network, Guitar World, Create Digital Music, BOMB magazine, and Metal Injection among other media outlets, including us.

Check out more about Smomid online on his official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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