David Drake – ‘Touch the Burning Sky’

David Drake is an artist in every sense of the word, although he concentrates his talents on music. He approaches his songs as if they were paintings, with poetic imagery and lyrics taking the listener on a journey that transcends sound. ‘Touch The Burning Sky’, his latest single, paints a picture of wonder, amazement, and awe about the natural world, and with his words and music Drake commands as much soul and spirit as any colours committed to canvas.

The follow up to his stand-alone single, ‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’, ‘Touch The Burning Sky’ is the first single from the Detroit artist’s upcoming set, ‘Imaginary Movies’, and in four short minutes, David Drake is able to call to life a world we scarcely knew existed.

Drake grew up immersed in Classic Rock, thanks to his father, a radio DJ, and it comes out in his sound, with its sweeping sense of melody and mood, bluesy groove, acoustic guitar, and effortless keys. ‘Touch The Burning Sky’ was written and produced alongside award-winning composer, producer, sound designer, and engineer, Mike Wolpe, and the song – and accompanying video – is akin to Thoreau’s ‘Walden’, as it takes a long gaze deep into that which we can never hope to fully understand about nature, and our place within it.

Directed by Adam Petrishin, who also worked on the video for  ‘Shooting Arrows At The Sun’, there’s an escapist vibe to the clip, which sees Drake setting out alone across a huge lake, in one of California’s coastal forests. He’s dwarfed by the stillness and beauty as he paddles his canoe across the glassy surface of the water. The video, shot in black and white, could be from any time – there is nothing to attach it to any specific era. The clip changes to full colour, even as Drake is still paddling, and he launches himself out of his canoe, floating across the massive lake. Drake sings as someone who has found himself at one with nature, and in a sense he is, he’s right where he needs to be.

David Drake is online on his official website. Watch the video for ‘Touch The Burning Sky’ below.

David Drake - Touch the Burning Sky  (Official Video)

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