Rising Pop Star Chelsea Collins Releases ‘THE LOST FILES’ EP

Last week, on the 18th of August, emergent American pop star Chelsea Collins released her latest work, the three-track EP titled ‘THE LOST FILES’. The new project features an all new track in ‘There U Go (Bye Bye!)’, a three-minute song/video bidding farewell to an ex-boyfriend (featuring Elon Musk), and two previously released songs in ‘ANGEL’ and ‘WHEN U WERE PSYCHO’.

Before her big debut with the song ‘Tobacco and Tears’ in 2019, Collins was just a California girl who was enamoured with music and musical theatre. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 7, learning songwriting a while later. After winning several local talent competitions, Collins started to put her talent into recording and releasing music, debuting with the aforementioned ‘Tobacco and Tears’ in 2019. She quickly blew up on the scene, and not even 5 years later, is one of the biggest artists in the Bay Area, with hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, and many more across other platforms

Growing up in the Bay Area, close to Silicon Valley companies like X (formerly Twitter) and Tesla, Collins was more familiar with Twitter than most, and her ex-boyfriend idolised Elon Musk. The new song from the EP, ‘There U Go (Bye Bye)!’, details the process of letting go of her ex, Twitter, and strangely, Elon Musk, all at the same time – with the music video, directed by, and featuring Collins bidding goodbye to a cardboard cutout of the South African billionaire, symbolising all the things in life she left behind after breaking up with her ex. The music itself is more of what the Bay Area popstar’s fans have come to expect – high energy, eclectic pop with lyrics detailing topics like love, breakups and more. Overall, another brilliant piece from Chelsea Collins, and definitely worth checking out through the links below.

Stream ‘THE LOST FILES’ here and watch the music video for ‘There U Go (Bye Bye!)’ here.

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