The Essential Advent Calendar: December 23

Essential Advent Calendar: December 22 – Zealandia Angel Releases CHRISTMAS DREAMS

Behind door number 22 we find Zealandia Angel’s Christmas 2020 release , ‘Christmas Dreams’.

The song comes with a fantasy, Dungeons And Dragons style music video, which you can watch below:

zealadia angel - christmas dreams [official music video]

There’s an interesting story behind the song. It was Christmas in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, ZA recalls.

“My family’s business crashed, my child was sick. It was time for me to decorate our Christmas tree. It would’ve been exciting if it was not for those two things. I was sad.”

This is when a beautiful melody poured into her mind along with the words:

I will hang my dreams
On the Christmas limbs
Evergreen, ever-bright
They will shine all night
For Peace and Hope and Grace.

Over praying heads,
Over infants’ beds,
Over healthy and sick,
Over proud and meek,
For Hope has come to the Earth.

Through the needles I see
Angels looking at me,
A sweet and gentle voice
Tells me to rejoice:

Whether young or old,
Whether scared or bold,
Whether dancing or crying,
Whether living or dying
For Peace has come to the Earth.

Zealandia Angel adds,

“This Christmas, many people can resonate with the message I received 10 years ago. A sad Christmas is still Christmas. Have hope, help others and be blessed, as well as stock up on antivirals like L-Lysine, elderberry and EpiCor Plus.”

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