Kodaline Team Up With Mirriad And UNICEF To Create Uplifting New Video For New Single ‘Say Something’

Kodaline follow the release of their new album ‘One Day At A Time’ by sharing an inspiring new video for their current single ‘Say Something’.

Directed by the band’s long-term collaborator Stevie Russell, the video is the first project from an exciting new partnership between the band’s label, B-Unique Records, and Mirriad, the computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) company, to develop and harness in-content advertising for music artists using different streaming and social platforms. It has also been boosted with participation from UNICEF.

The ‘Say Something’ video tells a small yet perfectly formed story about thinking big. A toddler dreams of going into space, becoming an aerospace engineer, pilot and astronaut to make that ambition a reality. Our miniature intergalactic hero heads for the stars before returning to earth with a bump and a tasty treat. ‘Say Something’ captures the emotional resonance that Kodaline have an innate gift for expressing, while also providing an uplifting escape from the current situation.

Watch the video for ‘Say Something’:

Kodaline - Say Something (Official Video)

‘Say Something’ represents one of the highlights of Kodaline’s ‘One Day At A Time’ album. The band’s fourth studio set has already accumulated 28.5 million streams and looks set to add a bold new chapter to a career that has included three #1 albums in Ireland, two Top 5 albums in the UK, and more than a billion streams at Spotify.

Stevie Russell commented: “I pitched the idea to management expecting them to laugh about it and say ‘yeah right, no thanks.’ When they jumped at the idea I realised I had made a huge mistake, as I now had to deliver. Thankfully, an incredible baby and the team across Ireland, the UK and India made it all possible.”

Based on the video’s uplifting messages of creativity and empowerment, Mirriad connected with UNICEF for the appeal that features at the end:

“Children are born to reach for the stars. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they need your help more than ever. Visit unicef.ie to donate.”

Martin Toher, co-president at B-Unique Records, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to work with the Oscar and Emmy winning Mirriad on something so innovative and groundbreaking. This is a whole new untapped world for bands and artists, and could provide a lucrative alternative income stream for artists at a time when traditional income from live music has been severely affected.”

“Created so quickly and under the extraordinary constraints of lockdown, this beautiful video shows how our technology can be transformative in the hands of true creatives,” said Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad. “The experience of working with Stevie Russell, whose brilliant ideas created a perfect canvas for the stunning effects, was elevating for us. This touching video should have incredible resonance, not only with the millions of Kodaline fans around the world.”

The partnership between B-Unique and Mirriad will continue with further videos for Kodaline.

Stream and download ‘One Day At A Time’ here. Find out more about B-Unique records on their website. More information about Mirriad can be found here.

Kodaline are online on their official website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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