Glorybots – ‘Wrong’ From New Album ‘Invisible’

Seattle-based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jalal Andre has been performing for the more than 20 years with indie rockers Echo Texture. His side-project, Glorybots, allows him to set a focus on music outside of the rock sphere, with more complex themes and experimental composition. ‘Wrong’ is the lead single from his upcoming self-released set ‘Invisible’, due out on July 31.

Much as Echo Texture has given Jalal Andre a home for his emotionally-driven lyrics, not to mention his brisk licks, from time to time he’s needed an outlet for the stranger, and darker, avenues of his creativity. Glorybots is not so much a solo project as an offshoot of those things he was already working through with Echo Texture; ‘Invisible’ follows on from Glorybots’ debut record, the 2018 release ‘Dark Alien Pop’.

Channelling the likes of Muse (think ‘Showbiz’) and Flaming Lips, in ‘Wrong’ there’s even elements of Nirvana, and UK bands such as New Order. At once challenging and yet compelling, Andre gives it his all in his slashing guitar and throbbing drums, his vocals urgent and strident, which propel the listener forward, caught between the desire to dance, and to join the revolution.

Glorybots isn’t of course just the work of Jalal Andre; he calls upon friends and local musicians to form his band, depending on where he’s performing. ‘Invisble’ as a whole isn’t so much an impenetrable wall of sound as actually an homage to inclusivity; Glorybots serves as an outlet not just for Andre, but also for his listeners, and musician friends who serve as his bandmates.

‘Wrong’ is out now. ‘Invisible’ is set for release on 31 July. Find Glorybots and their music online on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their Official Website.

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