Malou Beauvoir Releases ‘Nwaye’, Latest Single From Album ‘SPIRITWALKER’

Singer and activist Malou Beauvoir, in the first verse of her new single, ‘Nwaye’, lays it on the line where she stands, “What kind of people try and tell you who to love? Do they think they’re wiser, than the Gods above?” On the surface it looks like a straight out protest about the discriminatory laws currently under consideration in the Haitian legislature, which would strip certain rights from LBGTQ citizens: Malou is known for using her profile as a platform from which to speak out against injustice. However, the song addresses something far larger than just one prohibition. She implores decision makers to act with humility, and to remember that regardless of their earthly power, it fades into insignificance when compared to that of the divine.

‘Nwaye’ is a creole word which implies drowning. The narrator of the song finds themselves overwhelmed by the deceitfulness of those in authority. Nonetheless, Malou Beauvoir is determined and adamant; she knows she has righteousness on her side. Malou’s sound seamlessly blends North American soul, Caribbean joy, the traditional music of Haiti, and pop, and with it she creates music which is put into good service, representing good causes.

Malou’s song is an appeal to the gods for guidance, as well as justice. ‘Nwaye’ is a message to Erzuli, the spirit of love, but even gentle Erzuli is known to grow impatient with those who spread hate and division.

The accompanying music video for ‘Nwaye’ features dancer and choreographer, Raphaëlle François, who has performed and held workshops all over the world, including the Tokyo National Ballet, Quartier in Paris, New York’s Carnegie Hall, The Ballet Hispanico, also in New York, Dominican Republic’s Ballet Roto, as well as Cyprus, and Jamaica, where she promotes Haitian culture.

Malou is nonetheless the star of the video for ‘Nwaye’. At the start, lightning flashes, and dark clouds threaten to flood the area with rain. By the end however, we see that Beauvoir doesn’t get in the way of natural forces, nor does she fear them, as she stands boldly by a powerful waterfall.

Find out more about Malou Beauvoir on her official website. Watch the video for ‘Nwaye’ below.

NWAYE (Official Video Song Malou Beauvoir)

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