Malou Beauvoir – ‘KENBEM (Hold Me Up)’ 

Malou Beauvoir returns with her new single, ‘KENBEM (Hold Me Up)’. The Haitian American singer songwriter was raised by her Catholic mother but was also profoundly affected by a father who practiced Vaudou.

Kamoken feat. Malou Beauvoir – ‘Higher Love’

Everyone knows ‘Higher Love’, the 1986 hit by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings. It’a a formidable song to cover, and yet, Chicago born, New York raised Malou Beauvoir gives it her best shot, and hits the mark. Meanwhile, Kamoken, aka Cheff Loncher, and Chico Boyer, an activist and community leader, as well as the owner of Kamoken Studios, provide the instrumentation required for Beauvoir to realise her vision for ‘Higher Love’. Kamoken are signed to Beauvoir’s Panthera Music International label, through which she promotes modern Haitian music and art. ‘Higher Love’ is the first single from Malou Beauvoir’s new album.

Malou Beauvoir Releases ‘Nwaye’, Latest Single From Album ‘SPIRITWALKER’

Singer and activist Malou Beauvoir, in the first verse of her new single, ‘Nwaye’, lays it on the line where she stands, “What kind of people try and tell you who to love? Do they think they’re wiser, than the Gods above?”

Malou Beauvoir – ‘Papa Damballah’

Although Malou Beauvoir is based in New York City, she is Haitian right to her core, and when she sings about ‘Papa Damballah’, the most cosmic force in Haitian Vodou, she does so with all the conviction in the world.

Malou Beauvoir ft. Paul Beaubrun ‘Rasenbleman’

Malou Beauvoir’s video for ‘Rasenbleman’ suggests the Haitian-American artist may just be in touch with some supernatural forces. Then again, she’s such a sensational musical talent that she might not need to be. Beauvoir and guest singer Paul Beaubrun are electrifying singers, and when they raise their voices together, they shake the sky.

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