Malou Beauvoir – ‘Papa Damballah’

Although Malou Beauvoir is based in New York City, she is Haitian right to her core, and when she sings about ‘Papa Damballah’, the most cosmic force in Haitian Vodou, she does so with all the conviction in the world.

Damballah is the great snake, the creator who made the sky, the hills, the water, and all living things, as well as our human race. It’s only natural, as Damballah governs both the mind and spirit, that he is the patron of artists, and has been celebrated many many times in dance, in visual arts, and in song.

For Malou Beauvoir, Damballah isn’t simply literature, or mythology; this is her culture, her legacy, and her heritage. Her sound is a fabulous blend of American pop and soul, along with pan-African rhythms, and Haitian folk song, and in ‘Papa Damballah she brings with her a message that all of humanity should hear and learn from.

Directed by Walu Mwalilino, the video for ‘Papa Damballah’ of course needed a snake, and just like the Creator himself, this one is beautiful, yet terrifying. Malou is equally impressive, carrying herself with a quiet confidence, in a gown of white, the colour of Damballah. The set has been beautifully decorated in an opulent Caribbean style, with hanging plants, and wicker structures.

You can watch the video for ‘Papa Damballah’ below:

Papa Damballah Official Video Song - Malou Beauvoir (feat. dancer : Rich James)

Find out more about Malou Beauvoir from her official website.

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