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Riches Of The Poor – ‘Morning After’

Based in Berlin, alt-rockers Riches Of The Poor take their name from a line in The Smiths’ song, ‘I Want The One I Can’t Have’, and comprise Simon Breth (bass, cello, keyboards), Daniel Segerberg (guitars), drummer Ferdinand Hübner, and on vocals and guitars, frontman Miky. The latter was born in Philadelphia to Israeli parents, and found his way to Berlin in 2004. Ferdinand left the band last year but their album, ‘The Long Way Down’, was already complete, and so although they now include Cordelia Polinna, in their number, the group retains the same values. First single, ‘Morning After’, will from the outset strike a chord with fans of the likes of The Cure, New Order, and even U2, with its dreamy vocals floating in and around atmospheric guitars.

It could be said that Riches Of The Poor, espouse a certain joy in misery; they’re named after a Morrissey lyric after all. Likewise, their sound is steeped in the pleasure to be got from throwing all your despair into music – the beats are aggressive (as are at times, the guitars) and the songs are cathartic letters to the lovelorn.

‘Morning After’ is not so much angsty as dreamy. Although the lyrics couldn’t be simpler – they’re a variation on the same repeated phrase – they convey with them the passion of someone who has woken up and is contemplating the person beside them in bed. Are they in love, or are they merely in love with the idea of it? It’s more of an obsession with romance rather than actual love. As much as they want the other person to be awake to share their life, they’re possibly happier watching them sleep, and taking solace in their own reverie. If the other person wakes, the illusion is shattered.

The music video for ‘Morning After’ is a timelapse video of night turning into day, shot over a busy street, cars racing past in double time. As simple as the lyrics, and yet it is hard to imagine a more suitable clip.

Watch the video for ‘Morning After’ below:

Riches of the Poor - Morning After (Official Video)

You can find Riches Of The Poor online on Facebook, Instagram, and their Official Website. ‘The Long Way Down’ is set for release on June 19 through Crocodile Tears.

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