Rachael Sage is back with the perceptive and dark track, ‘Character’

If you are already accustomed to Rachael Sage’s upbeat and bright songwriting style, prepare yourself for an auditory double-take as the first few notes of new track ‘Character’ set in.

The latest release from Sage’s upcoming album of the same name, ‘Character’ is a departure from her usual bright and bubbly songwriting style. Instead, making use of cello strings and brooding lyrics, Sage creates a song with a more introspective feel, and it really pays off.

The song and the lyric video to accompany it both show Rachael picking apart her own psyche, resulting in a track that sounds both vulnerable and strong, simultaneously acknowledging her self-saboteur whilst also making the decision to move past it and carry on despite it all.

The effect is profoundly impressive.

This album is exemplary of a tough (to say the least) time in Sage’s life. Diagnosed with endometrial cancer last year, Sage is now fully recovered – and has turned to music throughout her treatment and recovery time to give her strength (and, yes, character) throughout.

If this song is exemplary of Rachael Sage’s upcoming album, I for one can’t wait to see what the rest of ‘Character’brings.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Character’ here:

Rachael Sage - "Character" Official Lyric Video

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