The Sensual ‘Passenger’ Is Next From The Highly Anticipated POETICA Album

The second track from the highly anticipated Rachael Sage-helmed side project Poetica, is the sensual ‘Passenger’. Once again, we are shown a snippet from this upcoming full length which demonstrates Sage’s immense skill as producer, collaborator and wordsmith.

Sage speaks;

“Passenger was one of the most fun tracks to produce on “Poetica”, because I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my very favourite musicians! The featured harmonica player is the effortlessly soulful UK-based Will Wilde, who I met many years ago on tour in Brighton, England. I’ve been jamming with him at all my live gigs there through the years, whenever I’d blow through, and it’s been a highlight of my UK travels, sharing those improvisatory moments onstage. In addition to Will, my dear friend Dave Eggar adds his signature cello flourishes, and the incredible guitarists Gerry Leonard (David Bowie) and Jack Petruzelli (Patti Smith) added a vibey ambiance that really helps underscore the sensuality of the poem. I played percussion, and actually sang the bass part note-for-note as a reference track to my engineer/bassist Mikhail Pivovarov, who brought it to life more than I could have ever hoped. 

“The organ was played by Kevin J. Killen, who I actually met on Instagram while searching for my other friend Kevin Killen. Turns out, he’s not only a brilliant musician but a genuinely lovely human and in many ways, the fact that we were able to connect remotely during this time, and are now friends, exemplifies the nature of this whole project – which at its core is about bridging distance with artful communication. I met the great bluesman John Lee Hooker in my college years and we became very good friends. I kinda wish he could hear this piece…I think he would be pleasantly surprised, and also satisfied to hear his eventual influence on me, however unlikely.”

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