L.A. Bliss – ‘Stranger Love’

If you’ve never been to Los Angeles you probably think it’s the perfect wonderland: sun, sand, art, music, romance – and lots of traffic on the freeway. And to an extent, it’s all those things. But there’s a lot more than that. There’s a dark side to every pleasure, which is what L.A. Bliss examines in her song, ‘Stranger Love’.

Lisa Chambliss, singing under the moniker L.A. Bliss, is an adopted Angelino, and makes music that reflects her love for the city. She’s not shy in bringing forth the dark as well as the light – her music is immediate, delirious, and glamorous, but also has undercurrents of danger. The thrill of being loved by someone you’ve just met – a stranger – more than by your own family, and the danger of believing too fully, are dealt with in ‘Stranger Love’.

The title track of the project, ‘Stranger Love’ has a rapid-fire chorus, a stomping beat, and super-catchy melody which will have you humming instantly. It’s California sunshine wrapped in a song, but it also contains a message of affirmation and self-worth, with the story of a singer making her own way in the world, and taking control of her life. She discovers how to stop attracting unhealthy relationships, and instead form bonds with people who are better for her state of mind – putting her worth first, and finding people who truly value her.

Directed by Tinks Lovelace, another young woman with big dreams and the talent to make them come true, the video for ‘Stranger Love’ is a portrait of the singer in the summertime. She’s got her sunglasses on, she’s got the wind blowing through her hair, and she’s cruising along in a white VW convertible. She carries with her a suitcase filled with mementos of a past life, letters and photos from previous relationships, and throws it off a cliff somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway. Retrieving the case – does she really want to let them all go? – she gets back in her car and drives a bit further down the road, and takes the case to the beach, where she then attempts to bury it in the sand. That’s not enough either. Finally, she’s had enough, and decides to get rid of it all, forever, emptying the contents, lighting a match and setting it alight. The suitcase however, is now filled with a brighter, nicer, more beautiful baggage – sunflowers – representing the new non-toxic relationships she’s pursuing.

Find L.A. Bliss on her official website. Watch the video for ‘Stranger Love’:

L.A. Bliss - "STRANGER LOVE" (Official Music Video)

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