Track Review: Furnace And The Fundamentals ‘Giving In The Name Of’ (Rage Against The Machine XMAS Cover)

Sydney based outfit Furnace and the Fundamentals are not your average cover band. Rather than just singing and playing their way through an originals vocals and instrumentals in the hopes of winging their way to music stardom, Furnace are doing things differently.

Bringing to the table a jaw dropping energy and desirable lyrical flexibility, this Aussie band are able to inflict their own style on a song such as rock group Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’ to make it more outrageously infectious and festive themed than the original, calling the reworked rendition ‘Giving In the Name Of’.

Starting off with a Christmassy shock to the senses, chiming bells and heavy guitar riffs come in immediately to kickstart proceedings. Joined by XMAS themed lyrics, that at their core are centred around the gift of giving on December 25th are sung in such a way that makes them be heard loud and clear, Furnace’s fun filled ‘Giving In The Name Of’ has taken the concept of the humble cover song and propelled it to totally new heights of interpretation.

Having released ‘Giving In The Name Of’, Furnace and the Fundamentals are focusing on the full length release of album ‘A Very Furnace Christmas’, set to be delivered down chimneys across the world this December 2019.

Listen to Furnace and the Fundamentals’ ‘Giving In The Name Of’ here.

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