Rising Like A Phoenix From Ashes To New Release Latest Single ‘Crazy’

From Ashes To New hail from Lancaster, Philadelphia, and although they grew up in a town filled with constant hardships, broken families, prevailing sense of hopelessness, they nonetheless have as a band a burning desire to bring colour to their world. The line-up is a moveable feast, but vocalist Matt Brandyberry remains constant, and left his 9-5 job to start the band, despite being advised not to. Nowadays signed to Better Noise Records, the rap-rock group have worked hard to forge a strong identity, which is epitomised by their powerful songs focusing on themes of redemption, liberation, and personal salvation.

From Ashes To New can proudly claim to have more than 840,000 monthly listeners on their Spotify channel, while their album, ‘Day One’, reached the #53 spot on the Billboard 200. The band is currently composed of Brandyberry on vocals, guitars, and keys, Danny Case on vocals, Lance Dowdle on guitar, and Matt Madrio on drums. Second album, ‘The Future’, got to number 163 on Billboard’s 200 chart.

The video for their latest single, ‘Crazy’, suggests that those relationships that see us questioning our sanity are also those we have the most difficulty getting out of. The members of From Ashes To New are stuck in an insane asylum, trapped in solitary confinement. We see them pricked with needles, while mysterious female nurses taunt them. Not nice! The ultimate message of ‘Crazy’ is about being gaslighted; all your insecurities are brought to the fore because the one you’re with is neither supportive, nor validating – it’s a toxic relationship and a trap, hence the asylum, where every day you fall helplessly deeper into the madness.

Find out more about From Ashes To New from their official website. Watch the video for ‘Crazy’ below:

From Ashes To New - Crazy (Official Video)

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