Pop Fusion Duo President Street Releases Lyric Video For Autumnal Anthem ‘I Found Me’

As the days get shorter and the evenings grow colder, it’s that cosy time of year when cuddling up to the person that you love sounds like the perfect plan – especially when that person is yourself. Pop fusion duo, President Street, have your musical accompaniment for those autumnal evenings covered with the new lyric video for self-love autumnal anthem, ‘I Found Me’.

The track begins with a lazy electric guitar riff but is quickly kicked into gear by the introduction of Ruby’s commanding and confident vocals. The song coasts along for the first verse, slowly ramping up the energy, which suddenly explodes for the chorus. The chorus features heavy percussive drive and the lyrics “I didn’t know I was looking for you until I found me”. It’s an empowering statement about the importance of putting self-love at the top of your list of priorities and about how falling in love with yourself is the key to finding happiness with others.

The lyric video is one full of endlessly beautiful settings as we follow a solitary girl around areas of the city, someone who has clearly learnt to be okay in her own company. The lyrics float across these images which would be perfectly at home on the most aesthetic of Instagram profiles, allowing us to process the astute lyrical genius of this pop pair from down under. The video begins with scenes of a downpour, people huddled under umbrellas heading to work and discontented with their daily lot. When the euphoric chorus kicks in, we head out into the bright and cold autumnal sunshine which perfectly reflects the refreshing novelty of realising that your own company really is the best.

Hailing from Australia, the band has recently been on an acoustic tour of the UK, gaining fans along the way with stripped back versions of their melodic and rootsy pop-fusion. Now back in Australia, President Street have once again taken to the studio to record and produce their upcoming tracks in preparation for release. ‘I Found Me’ was mixed by none other than Ash Howes, who has worked with One Direction, Kylie Minogue and Jack Savoretti (to name but a few) and his influence on this track really makes it shine.

Watch the lyric video for this exciting new track below, just in time to learn all the words in advance of their upcoming shows in the UK, details of which can be found here.

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