Pallas Athene Releases Long-Awaited Debut Self-Titled EP

Pallas Athene has finally releaseD her long-awaited debut EP which was 3 years in the making. The self-titled EP is now available to stream across all major streaming platforms which you can find here.

The multi-talented singer formed this EP entirely on her own which enabled her to reflect on her feelings of isolation both in the physical and digital world. With tracks such as ‘The Wall’, and ‘In Silence’, Pallas was able to explore the themes of man vs machine within these tracks. Taking her experience with anxiety and post-processing, she was able to creatively wrap her feelings up in to beautifully written songs for anyone who is in the same dark place she once was in.

The singer describes her most recent single of her EP, ‘Through Hell’, as a lullaby to herself. The meaningful track is about accepting what you can’t change and finding comfort in that rather than be in a delusion. The only way to go from here is forward.

It’s fair to say that listening to this EP will give you all the feels and that’s something we all need in our lives every now and then! For more information on what Pallas has in store for us, be sure to check out her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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