Irish Singer Songwriter Klara McDonnell Releases Country Pop Single ‘Dusty Glitter’, Follow Up To ‘Sinking Unknowing’ And ‘Wasted’

Klara McDonnell would probably wear more hats than anyone else in Ireland – not just figuratively, but literally too. Klara lives for art, and soaks up inspiration everywhere she goes, putting it into her music. New single, ‘Dusty Glitter’, is a shuffling country romp, with production provided by frequent collaborators, Beardfire Music Production Studio.

Klara McDonnell is a singer, a songwriter, and an actress, She’s also got her fingers firmly in as many creative pies as she can get them – some of which prove lucrative, others which merely satisfy her creative urges: nothing to be sneezed at. She’s spent the last decade being a much sought-after life model in Ireland, posing for artists throughout the country; you can also see her on the big screen this month, in Irish comedy feature ‘Spa Weekend’, directed by Maureen O’Connell, to be shown during The Richard Harris International Film Festival, which runs through to the 28th.

Klara’s latest single, ‘Dusty Glitter’, sees her taking herself a whole lot less seriously than her previous releases, the sombre ‘Sinking Unknowing’, and ‘Wasted’. The country song features tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a playful delivery, but there’s still a certain vulnerability and sadness bubbling beneath the cheery banjo.

Speaking about the track, Klara explains,

“lyrics like I’m not inclined to shine, like the gems you’re used to, refer to people setting certain standards and putting conditions on who they would start a relationship with. The protagonist of the song is a wild woman who thinks she is leading a man whom she thinks is too good for her astray.“

In the chorus she sings, “I’ll take your plans, and tear them all apart”, and you might be forgiven for wondering if the sentence could also stand as Klara’s mission statement, applicable to anyone who thinks they’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to her career.

‘Dusty Glitter’ is out now. You can see Klara performing live at The Day of The Dead Fest 2019 at the Cobblestone, Dublin, on October 31.

Find Klara online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Klara McDonnell - Dusty Glitter (Official Video)

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