Broke Royals Release Visuals For ‘Saint Luxury’ And ‘Born To Break’

It’s a double bonus Monday as Broke Royals release not one but two visuals for their singles, ‘Saint Luxury’, the title track from their latest album, and ‘Born To Break’, an homage to classic tour videos.

Washington DCs Broke Royals have just finished an intense US tour to promote their new album, ‘Saint Luxury’, and still have found time to bring their sound to life in the form of two music videos. The album, which has been described by The Washington Post as containing “pristine pop-rock”, while Atwood Magazine declared it had “an expressive, high-octane sound”. Billboard has called their music “sing-along ready”, and with their heartland guitar (think Springsteen) and hooky melodies, they’re not wrong.

‘Saint Luxury’ is the title track from a world of songs which Broke Royals have composed around a character the band describe as “the patron saint of lost souls”. In the clip, Saint Luxury wanders the streets of what could be any town USA, at just before dusk. She’s lost and alone, and she’s a little mixed up. The streetlights come on, and people going on with their lives throw her situation into stark contrast. She’s walking down the middle of a streets, unnoticed, as she takes off her clothes, alone in a city of millions. Director Rob Fitzgerald, known for his work on Val Emmich’s ‘Worry’, shot this on the fly, so the people ignoring Saint Luxury are actual people – not actors – just…ignoring her. Band member Philip Basnight enters the scene, sharing a bench with Saint Luxury. Suddenly she has a halo – or is it a crown? It’s not certain where this has come from, it may well be a gift from Basnight. We’re shown, by way of otherworldly flashes, that she’d rather be in paradise; she craved escape from heaven, and discovered that she actually craves even more escape.

Broke Royals - "Saint Luxury" (Official Music Video)

Second clip, ‘Born To Break’, and we’re hopping into the van with the band, making their own escape of sorts, this time on tour. The video is an homage to the sort of classic tour videos, such as Metallica’s ‘Wherever I May Roam’, or even a more light hearted version of the visuals for Springsteen’s (there’s that name again) ‘Western Stars’. ‘Born To Break’ is part live footage, part On The Road, and shows all the behind the scenes real stuff that goes on, that the audience never sees. It’s a realness and a gritty truth from a band who do it because, just like Saint Luxury, they don’t know exactly where they’re headed, but they know that they have to keep on doing it, because you never know if somewhere, somehow, you’re going to be the guardian angel who changes someone’s life.

Broke Royals - "Born to Break" (Official Music Video)

Find Broke Royals online on their official website.


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